In student life every student has to write essay. In some institutions the performance of the student some time is assessed on essay writing. The college authorities require the student to write college admission essay for getting admission in the college. Under such condition the college essay become very important because the admission of the student depend on the success in the essay writing. Most of the checker wants to see the following basic features in an essay to check the quality and ability of the student. Therefore it is important to consider these basic points in mind while writing the required essay for getting admission. Here are the points:


    Best suitable contents are the basic requirement of a good essay. I always take care of creating best contents to write my essay because contents can make the essay successful and attractive. Everyone likes the essay with great and informative contents. Actually contents are the main points in writing an essay and the writer have to elaborate these main points with his mastery of language.


    Good contents could not shed their effect on the mind of readers if they are not supported by the logical arguments. Arguments are the ornaments of an essay. If you place the logical and well defined arguments for the elaboration of your view point than you will be able to generate the grate essay which can convey your message to the reader otherwise your essay could not impress the reader and he may not understand the real sense of your viewpoint. Structure

    Structure is another basic required trait of great essay. It means when you place your contents in such a sequence that they place their deep effect on the thinking of reader than he will understand your viewpoint in real meanings. On the other hand dispersed or un-sequenced contents can confuse the reader's mind and your essay may not be able to convey your message to the reader. This is the total disaster and you will not get the required result from such essay. Therefore maintaining a sequence and building a structure of essay is must to achieve the goal.

    Above are the main features of success full college essay samples and you could get from these samples the practical demonstration of above said features.